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How to Read Literature like a Professor Notes Free Essays

Shows In stones: Types of characters Plot rhythms Chapter structures Point-of-see restrictions Chapter 1: Every Trip is a Quest (Except When It’s Not) The purpose behind a mission Is consistently self-information The expressed explanation is never the genuine motivation to go on a journey, the genuine explanation behind a journey is self-information. More often than not, when a bit of writing includes somebody heading off to some place and accomplishing something, it is a mission. Section 2: Nice to Eat You: Acts of Communion Whenever individuals eat or drink together, it’s fellowship Sharing a feast Is an individual thing (you wouldn’t have a dinner somebody you detested). We will compose a custom article test on Instructions to Read Literature like a Professor Notes or on the other hand any comparative theme just for you Request Now Food Is a widespread thing that we as people share. In Cathedral a man who loathed individuals with handicaps clung to a man who was visually impaired over food. Part 5: Now, Where Have I Seen Her Before? There is nothing of the sort as an entirely unique work of writing All writers pull motivation from past works. In Going After Cacciatore, Tim O’Brien pulls motivation from Lewis Carol’s Alice In Wonderland when he has his character saying that they need to fall up to get out, onto Vetting burrow. Creators likewise utilize recorded Inspiration. O’Brien models the primary character’s sweetheart enthusiasm after Showcases (an earthy colored cleaned young ladies directing a gathering of for the most part white men, communicating in a language they don’t know, realizing where to go, where to discover food, and taking them west) There is just a single story. Part 9: It’s All Greek to Me Myth Is the collection of story that issues Greek and Roman legends are so Ingrained Into our awareness that we don’t acknowledge how evident they are. Like in William Carols Williams painting Landscape with Fall of Cirrus. Without the legs standing out of the water in that making the artistic creation significantly less mainstream. Part 12: Is That A Symbol If it’s not imagery, it’s purposeful anecdote Symbols are close to home things We need It to mean a certain something, however Is Impossible since then the novel stops to be what it is, â€Å"a system of implications and connotation. † Meaning doesn’t lie of the outside of the novel. Creators may have a similar article mean an assortment of things. Focus on how you feel about the content. It most likely methods something. Interval: Does He Mean That? The most effective method to refer to How to Read Literature like a Professor Notes, Essays

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Suez Canal History and Overview

Suez Canal History and Overview The Suez Canal, situated in Egypt, is a trench that associates the Mediterranean Sea with the Gulf of Suez, a northern part of the Red Sea. It authoritatively opened in November 1869. Suez Canal Construction History In spite of the fact that the Suez Canal wasnt authoritatively finished until 1869, there is a long history of enthusiasm for associating both the Nile River in Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea. It is accepted that the primary waterway in the territory was developed between the Nile River delta and the Red Sea in the thirteenth Century B.C.E. During the 1,000 years following its development, the first waterway was dismissed and its utilization at last halted in the eighth Century.​ Napoleons Canal Plan The principal current endeavors to assemble a trench came in the late 1700s when Napoleon Bonaparte directed an undertaking to Egypt. He accepted that building a French-controlled channel on the Isthmus of Suez would mess exchange up for the British as they would either need to take care of obligations to France or keep sending products over land or around the southern piece of Africa. Studies for Napoleons channel plan started in 1799 yet an error in estimation indicated the ocean levels between the Mediterranean and the Red Seas as being unreasonably unique for a trench to be attainable and development quickly halted. General Suez Ship Canal Company The following endeavor to assemble a channel in the territory happened in the mid-1800s when a French ambassador and designer, Ferdinand de Lesseps, persuaded the Egyptian emissary Said Pasha to help the structure of a waterway. In 1858, the Universal Suez Ship Canal Company was shaped and given the option to start development of the channel and work it for a long time, at which point, the Egyptian government would assume control over control of the waterway. At its establishing, the Universal Suez Ship Canal Company was possessed by French and Egyptian interests. Development of the Suez Canal authoritatively started on April 25, 1859. It opened ten years after the fact on November 17, 1869, at an expense of $100 million. Noteworthy Impact on World Trade Very quickly after its opening, the Suez Canal significantly affected world exchange as merchandise were moved far and wide in record time. In 1875, obligation constrained Egypt to sell its offers in responsibility for Suez Canal to the United Kingdom. Be that as it may, a global show in 1888 made the trench accessible for all boats from any country to utilize. Clashes Over Use and Control Presently, clashes started to emerge over use and control of the Suez Canal. In 1936 for instance, the U.K. was given the option to keep up military powers in the Suez Canal Zone and control passage focuses. In 1954, Egypt and the U.K. marked a seven-year contract that brought about the withdrawal of British powers from the trench region and permitted Egypt to assume responsibility for the previous British establishments. Moreover, with the making of Israel in 1948, the Egyptian government denied the utilization of the waterway by ships traveling every which way from the nation. The Suez Crisis Additionally during the 1950s, the Egyptian government was taking a shot at an approach to fund the Aswan High Dam. At first, it had support from the United States and the U.K. be that as it may, in July 1956, the two countries pulled back their help and the Egyptian government seized and nationalized the trench so entry expenses could be utilized to pay for the dam. On October 29 of that equivalent year, Israel attacked Egypt and after two days Britain and France followed on grounds that entry through the trench was to be free. In reprisal, Egypt hindered the trench by deliberately sinking 40 boats. These occasions were known as the Suez Crisis. A Truce and Later Egypt Takes Control In November 1956, the Suez Crisis finished when the United Nations organized a ceasefire between the four countries. The Suez Canal at that point revived in March 1957 when the submerged boats were expelled. All through the 1960s and 1970s, the Suez Canal was shut a few additional occasions in view of contentions among Egypt and Israel. In 1962, Egypt made its last installments for the waterway to its unique proprietors (the Universal Suez Ship Canal Company) and the country assumed full responsibility for the Suez Canal. 101 Miles Long and 984 Feet Wide Today, the Suez Canal is worked by the Suez Canal Authority. The waterway itself is 101 miles (163 km) long and 984 feet (300 m) wide. It starts at the Mediterranean Sea at Point Said courses through Ismailia in Egypt, and finishes at Suez on the Gulf of Suez. It additionally has a railroad running its whole length corresponding to its west bank. The Suez Canal can suit ships with a vertical tallness (draft) of 62 feet (19 m) or 210,000 deadweight tons. The vast majority of the Suez Canal isn't wide enough for two boats to pass next to each other. To oblige this, there is one transportation path and a few passing narrows where boats can trust that others will pass. No Locks The Suez Canal has no locks on the grounds that the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Seas Gulf of Suez have roughly a similar water level. It takes around 11 to 16 hours to go through the trench and ships must go at low speed to forestall disintegration of the waterways banks by the boats waves. The Significance of the Suez Canal Notwithstanding drastically lessening travel time for exchange around the world, the Suez Canal is one of the universes most noteworthy conduits as it underpins 8% of the universes transporting traffic and just about 50 boats go through the channel day by day. In view of its thin width, the waterway is additionally viewed as a huge geographic chokepoint as it could without much of a stretch be blocked and upset this progression of exchange. Likely arrangements for the Suez Canal incorporate a venture to extend and develop the waterway to suit the entry of bigger and more ships one after another.

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Tips on How to Write a Well-Structured and Informative Essay

Tips on How to Write a Well-Structured and Informative EssayAs an essay writer, you may have questions on how to write a well-structured, informative essay. You will probably have encountered this question a lot in the past from students who are struggling with their own essays. It is common for people to not know how to write a well-structured essay when they just learned about writing or want to make their own impression in the college level. Of course, the first question that always comes to one's mind when he is asked this question is: how do I write a well-structured and informative essay?Well, the first thing that needs to be said is that the beginning of any essay should not be long and the middle should not be very long. They should be one-page essays that are easy to understand and to read. Apart from the length of the essay, the essay should also be written in a way that it can stand as a sample on how to write a well-structured and informative essay.The second thing that s hould be said is that the essay must contain relevant information and facts that support its argument. There should be no information which is irrelevant and would only serve to confuse the reader. The reader would lose interest very quickly if the information is not well-supported.The third thing that should be done is that the topic of the essay should be the one that the writer is most familiar with. The fact that the writer is very familiar with the topic that is being discussed in the essay does not mean that the writer is not required to research on it. This means that the writer should make use of his skills in researching and the essay should not only be based on researched facts. Researching is not only for the sake of including facts, but also for the sake of understanding the topic.The fourth thing that should be done is that the essay must be clear and concise. Some topics that could be discussed on the essay are a small list of the things that the writer knows. For exam ple, the writer should know the basic facts and figures about the topic and he can discuss these facts in a more concise way in the essay.The fifth thing that should be done is that the essay must be organized and formatted according to the format and structure of the academic paper and to the kind of facts that the writer will be discussing. Sometimes, there are topics that have a lot of technical terms that are very difficult to understand. These terms should be explained so that the reader will not get confused as soon as he starts reading the essay.The sixth thing that should be done is that the essay must start with a thesis statement, followed by information that supports the statement. The information and facts must support the thesis statement in the essay. In order to be able to write a well-structured and informative essay, the essay writer should know how to prepare the facts and the data that support the thesis statement.Writing a well-structured and informative essay do es not necessarily mean that the writer has all the skills to do this. However, it is important that the writer should have the skills needed to perform these tasks in order to be able to write a well-structured and informative essay.

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Essay on Anxiety Disorder and the Different Types - 677 Words

Anxiety is the most common type of psychiatric diagnosis and brings together several disorders. These disorders cause fear, worry, panic and apprehension. Anxiety is different from fear to the extent that it is a reaction to an anticipated problem and fear is a reaction to a present problem or danger. The fear, worry, panic and apprehension caused by anxiety disorders are out of proportion. People suffering from an anxiety disorder have difficulties coping with certain situations in life; anxiety disorders disrupts their life. Some of them seek for psychological therapies. Psychological therapies are interactions with professionals who help people coping with problems in their thoughts or behaviour. These therapies are based on past†¦show more content†¦And people with agoraphobia will avoid situations or places in which it would be difficult for them to escape or receive help if they have a sudden panic or incapacity so they need the presence of someone with them. Phobias cause physical and mental symptoms such as faster heart beating, sweating, shaking, panic, fear, rapid breathing and many more and effects by all means people’s life and their employability. Panic disorder Panic disorder is characterised by frequent panic attacks to nonthreatening situations and anxiety of further panic attacks. There are two types of attacks, uncued attacks (nexected attacks) and cued attacks (triggered by a specific situation). People with panic disorder â€Å"fear the fear† (Ken Duckworth, M.D., and Jacob L. Freedman, M.D., February 2013) and try to avoid situations in which they think will trigger their panic attacks, their apprehension and terror. There are physical and mental symptoms such as breathing difficulties, heart palpitation, nausea, fast heartbeat, sweating†¦ and also depersonalisation, fear of losing control†¦ Panic attacks can happen at anytime and thus it gets in the way of our daily life and causes other problems such as unemployment. General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) General Anxiety Disorder is defined by a recurring and excessive worry often about unimportant things. People who suffer from this GAD have difficultiesShow MoreRelatedSymptoms And Symptoms Of Anxiety1008 Words   |  5 PagesAnxiety Anxiety, depression, and medications†¦ These are all things we need to take into consideration when thinking about everyday life. Anxiety has become a generalized factor of life and many people suffer from it everyday. Yes, everyone knows what it s like to feel anxious but not like those with anxiety. Different types of anxiety have different types symptoms and causes. Even though every anxiety is different they are all controlled by one thing--you. Anxiety comes in many forms you haveRead MoreAnxiety, Depression, And Medications1595 Words   |  7 PagesAnxiety, depression, and medications†¦ These are all things we need to take into consideration when thinking about everyday life. Anxiety has become a generalized factor of life and many people suffer from it everyday. Yes, everyone knows what it s like to feel anxious but not like those with anxiety. Different types of anxiety have different types symptoms and causes. Even though every anxiety is different they are all controlled by one thing--you. (National Institute Mental Health) Anxiety comesRead MoreThe Link Between Anxiety And Depression1717 Words   |  7 Pagestwo different mental disorders, anxiety and depression, obtain more in relation everyday. Although each can have different causes and characteristics they share many common ones. Strong links throughcertain illnesses and disorders like asthma and headaches are being configured through specific chemicals in the brain. Two examples being serotonin receptors and corticotropin releasing factor receptor1. Certain combinations of the two can lead to a change in energy leveles causing both anxiety and depressionRead MoreAnxiety And Depression : Symptoms And Treatments Essay1252 Words   |  6 Pages Anxiety Depression Decrecia Nevels Morgan Mann Kristian Haynes Concorde Career College Abstract This paper explores anxiety and depression at length including a discussion on their similarities and differences. Other areas that will be examined in this research paper include describing just what anxiety is and how this mental disorder presents, different types of anxiety disorders and their symptoms and what treatment interventions are offered that help cope with this disorder. DepressionRead MoreExternal Factors That Affect Stress989 Words   |  4 Pagesfew years, anxiety has become something that many individuals experience at a younger age than normal. This can be explained by the numerous external factors that influence stress in daily activities that can cause an imbalance or decrease of gamma aminobutyric acid, also known as GABA, production in the brain (Haag, Quetscher, Dharmadhikari, Dydak, Schmidt-Wilcke Beste, 2015). GABA is produced in the brain and helps control over-thinking, anxiety, depression and sleeping disorders (Haag et alRead MoreEssay about Anxiety D isorder1082 Words   |  5 PagesAnxiety Disorder What is Anxiety? As defined by Understanding Psychology by Glencoe, Anxiety is a general state of dread or uneasiness that a person feels in response to a real or imagined danger. Anxiety affects 19 million Americans annually and anxiety disorder happens to be the most common mental illness in America. There are many different types of anxiety disorder such as: Panic Disorder, Obsessive – Compulsion Disorder, Phobias, and a few more. Although there is no cure for anxiety disordersRead MoreGeneralized Anxiety Disorder : Symptoms And Treatments1365 Words   |  6 PagesGeneralized Anxiety Disorder is a common mental disorder associated with excessive unnecessary worrying. There are many causes, symptoms, and treatments associated with it. While Generalized Anxiety Disorder can be paralyzing to an individual, with proper treatment a person can still function and live a normal life. Generalized Anxiety Disorder first became an individual disorder in 1980. Woodman stated in her article, â€Å"The American Psychiatric Association separated anxiety neurosis into (1) panicRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Anxiety Disorder1264 Words   |  6 Pagesfeelings and the feelings don’t pass, then it’s time to talk to a doctor about possibly having a type of anxiety disorder. There are seven types of anxiety disorder and they include generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, separation anxiety, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic attacks, and post-traumatic stress disorder (Foa, Edna Andrews, Linda Wasmer, 2006). Generalized anxiety disorder occurs when a person has an excessive or obsessive feeling of being worried and the feeling justRead MoreDepression and Anxiety Essay example1021 Words   |  5 Pagesand/or anxious. Some people experience this on an everyday basis, sometimes even or no reason at all. Those people might have an anxiety disorder, depression, or both. It is highly likely for someone with an anxiety disorder to also be suffering from depression, or the other way around. 50% of those diagnosed with depression are also diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. What is depression? â€Å"Depression is a condition in which a person feels discouraged, sad, hopeless, unmotivated or disinterested inRead MoreEssay on Severity of ADHD and Anxiety Rise if Both Develop1394 Words   |  6 PagesADHD and Anxiety If someone with ADHD develops anxiety (GAD), then the severities of both are increased, because they coincide with each other making them more powerful. I choose this hypothesis for 2 reasons. One being that ADHD and anxiety are an epidemic in terms of being disorders that is very common within our world. I also have both Anxiety and ADHD along with some of the other members of my family. Over time I have noticed that people with both anxiety and ADHD think differently then those

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The Marriage Ceremony Of India Essay - 2033 Words

Just imagine the person you will spend the rest of your life with waiting for you at the altar. Once you wed, life together begins. The phrase, â€Å"Welcome to the rest of your life†, is often heard when a couple becomes engaged. Marriage is defined as the union between two individuals that make a permanent and exclusive commitment to each other (Kavya, CN and Pavan Kumar 531). Essentially, when to people get married their hearts and mind unify as well. Historically, marriage was a union with no ceremony. The Bible mentions several couples being married but does not mention any ceremony. The actual union is more important than having an enormous celebration. However, as time went on, many cultures formed traditions that are part of the marriage ceremony. India is one of the most populated countries in the world and one of the oldest. Indian marriage celebrates Dharma. Dharma is essential guidelines in order to live a fulfilling life and afterlife. The Southern Hindu wedding lay emphasis on three essential values: happiness, harmony, and growth (Knott 10). Each step of the marriage process outlines each value. DATING, MATCH MAKING, AND LOVE COURTSHIP In Hinduism marriage is considered the most sacred commitment. This is a commitment of the souls and minds, not just physical bodies. Many Hindus enlist the help of someone called a match maker. The match maker observes and examines all single individuals in the village. Typically, the family sits down with the match maker andShow MoreRelatedA comparison of Marriage Practices Between American and Indian Culture963 Words   |  4 PagesMarriage practices vary across cultures. Every culture has its own way of conducting marriage according to their traditions and customs. Most cultures share common customs and practices, while some cultures have unique practices. Marriage refers to a social union agreed upon by the couples to unit as spouses. The union of couples implies sexual relations, permanence in union, and procreation. This research paper focuses on comparing marriage practices in American and Indian culture. There is significantRead Mor eWedding Rituals and Meanings of Two Separate Cultures1165 Words   |  5 Pagesvarious cultures, marriage is symbolically represented through a range of very simple to elaborate weddings. Marriage typically transforms both individuals’ roles in society and in the home. It is the combining of two families and often involves politics and takes into consideration good social standing. Cultural traditions are often passed on the families and children. Marriage can serve as a changing of roles in the financial realm as well as the occupational realm for a family. India and Chinese weddingRead MoreArranged Marriages in India Essay1161 Words   |  5 PagesIn American culture the view on arranged marriages are not looked at very favorably. This is because we have grown up with the knowledge that when it comes time to marry we will have chosen our spouse of our own free will. The match will be a love match and one that is chosen through our own needs. Young men and women in Ind ia grow up with an opposite view on marriage. They know that when it comes time to marry their parents will find them a suitable mate and it will be considered scared andRead MoreThe Main Attraction Of Kerala1545 Words   |  7 PagesIndia has 28 states in that I belong to Kerala. The main attraction of Kerala is the Ayurveda treatment. The state is famous because of decorated elephant and boat racing. Language Language is an essential part of everyday life. States within India have their own languages, more than 20 officially recognized languages are there in India including English, Hindi, Punjabi, Malayalam, Telugu, and Tamil etc. In that, English and Hindi are using for official purpose. I am familiar with different languagesRead MoreComparison of Wedding of India and China1372 Words   |  6 PagesCollege of Nursing COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS Wedding Tradition of India and China Desiree A. Leal BSN IV-A Rommel Quià ±ones Instructor The approach of these paper work is to know and compare the two country’s tradition when it comes to wedding. Talking about wedding, we all know that it is the important aspect when two people want to enter the life of having a family. According to Webster, wedding is the ceremony of marriage with its accompanying festive. And as I go on with these paper workRead MoreMy Experience With A Pakistani Wedding1515 Words   |  7 Pageswedding ceremonies. I come from a purely Indian background, my family used to live in Gujrat before they moved here 20 years ago and I have grown up with values of both the Indian and American culture. Throughout my life, I have attended many Indian weddings which are filled with traditional customs and ceremonies and last as long as five days. This wedding however, was the first Pakistani wedding I have attended. My friend had told me earlier that the couple were having an arranged marriage and soRead MoreThe Sacred Ritual Of Marriage1366 Words    |  6 Pagesritual of marriage in Catholic Christianity and Hinduism, while superficially different, are essentially the same. This is particularly evident when analysing similarities and differences in each faith’s perception of the purpose of marriage, the structure of the two wedding ceremonies, the symbols involved in the two ceremonies, and the role of family in the Catholic and Hindu wedding ceremony. An area of similarity within Catholic weddings and Hindu weddings is the purpose of marriage. Both CatholicismRead MoreA Brief Note On Cross Culture Of India928 Words   |  4 PagesSomewhere culture defines the way of living of people of that area. Therefore I selected this topic of cross culture of India because the India a huge populated country and there are different religions in this country. Besides this I think we should have the knowledge about the other country cultures there languages how they like to live because in this world we can meet any one in any situations. That’s why it’s necessary for us to have knowledge about the cultures of the other country there peopleRead MoreA Big Fat Wedding : A Wedding1697 Words   |  7 PagesBig Fat Wedding A wedding is a ceremony where two individuals are united in marriage. Wedding conventions and traditions change incredibly between societies, ethnic gatherings, religions, nations, and social classes. Marriage, also called matrimony or wedlock, is a socially or ritually recognized union or legal contract between spouses that establishes rights and obligations between them, between them and their children, and between them and their in-laws. In India a wedding has a different meaningRead MoreIndian Culture979 Words   |  4 PagesIndian Culture Abstract India is located in continent Asia. It is Federal republic government. Its official language is Hindi and there are 14 other languages e.g. Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu and Punjabi. The major religion that is follow by majority of people is Hinduism. In India people speaks different languages, dress differently, follow different religions, eat different food but they all have the same nature. Whether

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Graduation Speech Student Loan Debt - 900 Words

Student loans have put many of our family, friends, and even ourselves through school for us to close the financial gaps to get that education of our dreams. There are personal loans and government aids such as loans and grants that give people a relief on how they are going to pay for college. Those who are not financially equipped to pay in full for college education have no choice but to look for other forms of payment and most resort to either private loans or student government loans to get them through those grueling years towards their degree. Unfortunately, they do not have a choice when it comes to the high interest rates, debt collecting while sitting in the library preparing for finals, endless minimum payments they cannot always afford, and hounding phone calls from the companies when unable to pay them landing them in a whole they cannot always jump out of. Carrins states, â€Å"More than 40 million Americans are repaying more than $1.2 trillion in outstanding student l oan debt, according to the federal government† (2015). Having student loan debt can dramatically affect how students and graduates continue with their lives and how they spend their income for the next minimum of 10 years. While paying off loans can look great on a credit report, it can also reflect a false sense of bad payment history if not paid on time, resulting in a possible hold on moving forward. While we know that putting our money into banks will keep it safe and that banks do need to makeShow MoreRelatedA Plan For Student Loan Debt Burden995 Words   |  4 PagesMarco Rubio has a plan for students. Since the 1980s, the student loan-debt burden has risen to $1.2 trillion, which is nondischargable, meaning that the debt could follow you for the rest of your life. States have cut education funding and in response, universities raised tuition. And it does not seem that politicians are taking any meaningful action to ameliorate this debt burden. Rubio wants businesses t o invest in individual students and after graduation; the student â€Å"will pay a percentage ofRead MoreStudent Debt Is A Large ( And Growing ) Problem1811 Words   |  8 Pages Student debt has become a large (and growing) problem. The high levels of student debt have served to perpetuate economic inequality, minimizing the opportunity of higher education. In a speech this year, President Obama called higher education one of the crown jewels of this country and said it was the single most important way to get ahead.† The long term impact of student loans have given students every reason not to want to attend college, including myself. That alone has the potential toRead MoreNational Student Debt3593 Words   |  15 Pagesthe rise students and their parents are trying to come up with the money to go to college. The usual steps are to seek grants from the government, private organizations, and from organizations setup through the colleges themselves. There are also loans that are made through the private sector and those from government based organizations. Some students go as far as trying to pay for college using credit cards. In the end students seeking higher education graduate with enormous debt, creatingRead MoreGraduation Speech : Mathematics As A Computer Technician1270 Words   |  6 PagesIn my last speech I joked around about my dad and his degree in mathematics as a computer technician saying that it was such an odd match up; but in reality, it couldn’t have worked out better. Though the concept of math does not directly apply to his current position; he still utilizes the deep analytical skills that he obtained during his years of calculus to solve problem solving issues that arise with the computers. Education has value in many respects, ranging from the social connections thatRead MoreEndless Possibilities in Education1845 Words   |  7 Pagescost just keeps skyrocketing. If a high school student takes concurrent enrollmen t classes it does help them with the cost of a college education. Or at least, this is how it seems in America. Most American high school students want to go to college and even dream about it. With our current economy students cannot afford to attend the college of their dreams. Parents either are forced to help their children or the child must take out a student loan. When most people think about collegeRead MoreEducation Should Not Be Out Of Anyone s Reach1781 Words   |  8 Pagesbe provided free of charge. It is morally wrong for students and their families to be forced to incur thousands of dollars of debt for an education. Right now college loan defaults are at the highest levels they have ever been.There is an entire generation that is starting out in life after college burdened with a very large amount of debt and a very small job market available after graduation. In President Obama’s 2015 State of the Union speech, he stated, â€Å"I want to spread that idea all across AmericaRead MoreCollege Should Offer Free Tuition867 Words   |  4 Pagescommunity college should offer free tuition with some sort of standards to be eligible for free tuition. President Barack Obama conveyed a speech at Macomb Community College in Warren, Michigan this past September. President Obama proposed a free educational cost at any two-year junior college at length of their stay as long as they were at least half-time students, and they keep up a base evaluation point normal of no less than 2.5 and the administration would cover seventy five percent of the costsRead MoreThe Relationship Between Federal Financial Aid And Tuition Increase2128 Words   |  9 PagesAmerican college student must be familiar with financial aid because majority of undergraduate students receive financial assistant in form of grans, Federal Work-Study, federal loans, and federal tax credits program and tuition deductions. According to the â€Å"Trends in Financial Aid 2014†, in 2013-14 there were 238.3 billion available to financially support undergraduate and graduate students’ education. The financial support makes people believe that the support for Amer ican college students is as remarkableRead MoreWhich Interest Rate Will Win?3525 Words   |  15 PagesSociety Speech). You can t be free with debts, and no debts should make education strips the financial freedom of a person and lead him INTO poverty. Sadly, such is the reality that we, as students, are facing right now, with total college loan debts smashing over the twelve-digits tier and knockout the total credit card debt (Erin Dillion 1), currently gains the title of the second worst debt only after home mortgage (Baum). Outstanding household debt, from 2003 to 2013, Student loans has run upRead MoreThe Debt That Affects Young Students1270 Words   |  6 PagesGraduating high school, so many students foresee their life with boundless potential. They imagine their life with endless possibilities, and a great majority of students strive their high school years in hopes of joining a college. Sadly, for countless students, they remain financially unable to receive the education they need. I propose that you consider Bernie Sander’s introduced bill â€Å"College for All Act†. You have recognized the crippling debt that affects young students, and even launched a plan

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Information Technology Theory

Question: Write an essay on Information Technology? Answer: Introduction Over the time frame information technology has been considered as the key to attain success in the long run. As the technology improved each and every day, business organizations have to consider it carefully to gain competitive advantages. As mentioned by Bank (2015), business organization is mainly dependent on information technology in every case. At the same time Bonfante (2011) stated that each and every business activity is done with the help of information technology. On the other hand, it also helps in increasing the profitability as well as productivity of business. The analyses of both the live stories are done with the help of actor network theory. The actant and network used among actant and their work is identified. So, assessing the importance of information technology seems the most crucial aspect in todays business context. In line with this Cohen and Painter (2012) commented, information technology play very important role in current business sector. Evaluation of two live stories based on actor network theory Selection of these two live stories will help business organization to explore informational technology requirements in contemporary context to reduce the chance of mistake as well as it will help in increasing the profitability. The selections of live stories are done with the help of technology and artificial intelligence system changes and innovation. On the other hand, the analysis of both live story as well as their actant is done with the help of actor network theory. It was found in a research that, artificial intelligence level is 20 times more than human being. So implementation of robot will increase the level of intelligence of any business. Sometimes, the managers call the other unit manager to know the status and other. Likewise as stated by Kekana (2012), for exchange of information, data technology is needed. For retrieving the information in business process information technology is needed. Apart from this, storage of data also requires information technology. Analysis of two live stories Innovation of new automatic snake like chargers Different actant involved in this live story and analysis of impact actant on each other The main actant in this live story is the new automatic snake shaped car charge. With the help of actor network theory, the identification of actant is done. As stated by (Secondat et al. (2012), with the help of actant the charging process is completed. Identification of actant power involved in the live story With the size and other features of car the power of actant changes. So in this live story the power of actant is asymmetric. Analysis of actant on the basis of geographical factor In this live story the actant is automatic car charger robot or robotic device, so the actant power and other features do not change with the geographical factor (Powner, 2012). Digital actant involvement in live story and their impact on real world As mentioned by Secondat et al. (2012), one of the digital based actant involved in this live story is robotic based car charging. With the increase use of it, chances of sudden accident will increases. Analysis of aspects involved in both the live stories One of the main feature of actant involved in this live story is, they help in reducing the usage of natural resources (Stair and Reynolds, 2012). With the help of this, the cost of other resource will reduce which will help economy of country. Analysis of actant on the basis of actor network theory In case of this story, the actant involved is automatic snake shaped car charging device. The actant of this story is based on robotic and artificial intelligence system. As mentioned by Hofkirchner (2012), information technology assemblage helps in success of each and every business activity. Every business unit is having implementation of information technology tools and techniques. For example, for communicating from other unit, manager sends email and messages (Cohen and Painter, 2012). Involvement of Big data in todays research Different actant involved in this live story and analysis of impact actant on each other According to actor network theory, the actant involved in this live story is big data. As stated by (Cohen and Painter, 2012), with the change and advancement in technology the use of big data is increasing. Identification of actant power involved in the live story The main power of actant involved in this live story is, they help in storing huge amount of data (Secondat et al., 2012. In addition to this, the storage and retrieval of huge amount information can be done with it. Analysis of actant on the basis of geographical factor With the change in organization size the capacity and implementation of actant changes (Kekana, 2012). That is, if organization wants to storage small amount of data they can store with the help of big data. Digital actant involvement in live story and their impact on real world In this live story the digital actant involved is big data. The big data helps in storing, retrieving the information and data (Hofkirchner, 2012). On the other hand, with the change in size and capacity of organization the implementation of big data also changes. Analysis of aspects involved in both the live stories With the help of big data, the organization increases their efficiency as well as productivity. The storage and other features of organization also changes (Yin, 2012). On the other hand, in real world one of the major problems faced by organization is storage, retrieval of information. Analysis of operation of actant on the basis of actor network theory In current technological world, information technology and big data plays and crucial role in research as well as business (Cohen and Painter, 2012). The network is developed among the research work and the big data usage in it. The use of big data helps in completion of research in effective manner. That is, communication, process development, improvement, improving cost efficiency and others. It also helps in reducing the waste of time as well as cost. In addition to this Secondat et al. (2012) stated information technology also helps in improving the competitive advantage and profitability of business. Problem identification in both the live stories on the basis of actor network theory Retrieving data in modern day is important enough as it helps to reduce the time of transferring proper information to other receiver. The limit of updated version of database management system is very high. Stair and Reynolds (2012) commented, transmission, storage and retrieval of information is based on the type of information technology tool used by business. In current scenario, business units are implementing updated version of database system. As mentioned by Unger et al. (2012), database storage system help business to storage their information in systematic manner. With the help of big data information and data are stored, retrieved and transferred easily. On the other hand, the big data also helps in data storage and retrieval regarding the robots. As stated by Unger et al. (2012), the robot is built with the help of big data and other similar technologies. In addition to this Powner (2012) stated, database system helps in storing information in discrete form. In context to this Kallinikos (2010) stated, one of the biggest problem regarding the live story is, with the change in technology the system will get older. The training session regarding the system if not provide to users the acceptance will also be an issue. In context to this Bonfante (2011) stated, in case of second live story, that is, big data, the research can be done easily and the storage of information will also be easy. Apart from this as stated by Kallinikos (2010), with the help of big data, the chance of information lost or misplace will be reduced. It will also help in increasing the performance of research. In todays world, research is the main factor on which technology and other innovations are dependent. In addition to this, it also helps in maintaining customers relation process of business. In context to this Hofkirchner (2012) stated, with the change in technology market, business should also try to change their technology use. Conclusion Thus to conclude, it can be said that information retrieval and assemblage is necessary for business organization to operate effectively. With the help of automatic car charging system the usage of natural resource will be reduced. The reduction is natural resource will increase the effectiveness of economy as well as profitability of country. In case of second live story, the big data in current world is helpful. It helps in reducing the risk related to information and data in research field. Storage of information also plays equal important role while running business. The retrieval of information, transfer of information, communication and other activities shows that business organization now operates more efficiently with the help of technological advancement. These methods help business experts to store data in less time. The study also found that every method is having different style of storing information and retrieving data. As per the compatibility and style of work busines s units adopt the information storage and retrieval method. The two live stories are based on technology and new innovation. References Bank, W. (2015). Little data book on information and communication technology 2015. [Place of publication not identified]: World Bank. Bonfante, L. (2011). Lessons in IT transformation. Hoboken, N.J.: John Wiley Sons. Cohen, J. and Painter, O. (2012). Fiber-optic integration and efficient detection schemes for optomechanical resonators. Hofkirchner, W. (2012). Emergent Information. Singapore: World Scientific. Kallinikos, J. (2010). Governing through technology. Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan. Kekana, G. (2012). Factors contributing to successful information technology outsourcing relationships. Lange, R., Bowman, N., Banks, J. and Lange, A. (2015). 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